Underdeveloped communities are often void of basic resources. Water, plumbing, electricity and educational facilities are scarce. We believe in growth. Why? Growth is a vital part of life. Infrastructure is one of the indicators that life exists within a project or community.

We aim to build additional facilities on the I Can Fly campuses that help children and youth become their best. Classrooms, dormitories, bathrooms and libraries are necessary structures that allow children and youth to function at their highest level.

When the world says, “Give up.” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”



Water security in many communities throughout the world is an on-going challenge. In Kenya, some villages experience continuous drought which leaves families subject to food scarcity, malnutrition and death in some extreme cases. The I Can Fly School main campus is located in a village where water is not readily available until rainwater is present once or twice per year. We made it a priority to provide a reliable water source to the children and youth in our care by drilling a borehole. The borehole system is located on the North side of campus and provides an average of 50,000 liters of water per week. The water consumption is used daily for cooking,  washing, drinking and bathing.



Construction projects within a small village or city in any part of the world adds value to its community. Our infrastructure and renovation projects give children and youth better pathways to success. Access to modern facilities such as dormitories, classrooms, updated bathrooms, lighting and clean water systems give peace of mind to the children in our care. Each project helps our program run smoothly for daily operations.  Children and youth have full-time access to all campus facilities where they live, take meals and study. The Butterfly House dormitories and classrooms function as the heart of our program. Building additional Butterfly Houses around the country are one of our main goals as we strive to offer vulnerable children a place of refuge.


Past and Present Development Projects Include: 

Butterfly House Construction . Science Lab  . Classroom Renovation . Electricity/Solar Installation . Water Filtration Systems . Septic Tank Development .  Plumbing Systems