The Mission


We are a mission-minded organization dedicated to serving vulnerable children and youth living within impoverished villages throughout Kenya. Since our youth initiative began in 2008 we have provided quality education, rescue programs, shelter, meals and enrichment activities to scores of children affected by extreme poverty, female genital mutilation, early marriage, tribal war, abandonment, and children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

We have a proven track record of breaking gender disparities and educational barriers for children from disadvantaged communities.  Reducing oppression and cultural abuses is our core objective. Giving children and youth an opportunity to learn in a formal school setting who would normally be excluded from educational opportunities due to poverty and traditional abuses is our goal.

The Vision

We imagine the world free of abuse, oppression and crimes committed against defenseless children and youth. We envision girls in the developing world having the chance to live up to their GOD-given potential by exercising their basic rights to access education while in pursuit of their dreams.


We believe girls and boys from impoverished communities can have the same successful outcomes as other children from stable households.  We believe exposure to academic, technological and social opportunities will put them in a position to compete economically in the modern world. We see our youth as a chosen generation that GOD will use to bring about social change, justice and healing in many nations and communities around the world.